What Is My IP Address?

Ping IP address or domain

Enter any domain name or IP address

Ping is online tool for checking Internet connections between devices. You can define a forwarding packets and analyze the connections to the remote node. Is often required for chat and online gaming. You can determine the maximum and minimum average response time.

It is the only one internet ping online without limitation in the number of requests.

You determine when to start and when to finish pinging.

If many FAILED packages it can mean that the host is unavailable or it blocks or ignores your requests.

To better understand response, we marked a good ping in green, so-so pings in yellow and bad ping in red.

  • Check if server online
  • Check if website online
  • Check if game online
  • Check if computer online


Ping domain or IP:
  • Check the quality of the channel
  • Find out IP-address by domain name
  • Check whether there is a connection with the remote host
  • Determine whether the current computer configuration problem with DNS
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